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Hi Raiders,

This is my first fishing report so it may not be the greatest ...

Went to two locations last night without any success.

Got to location one at Balmain Ferry Wharf at about 10pm. Setup up two rods. One for squid and a larger rod with some frozen squid caught on the last trip.

Squidding didn't do very well there as it produced nothing.

As for the rod with the defrosted squid, it has a few big bites and then nothing. Reeled it back in to find that half the squid had been taken! Unfortunately they left the rest of the squid and wouldnt touch it.

Stayed here for about 2 hours without any luck for live squid so moved.

Arrived at P2 which wasn't any different. Caught up with a few more mates and my brother.

So now there were 5 of us in total and managed only 1 squid.

Overall it was very quiet night without much result.

Although it had been about 8 weeks since I could get out so I was just happy to wet a line!

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