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sussex / basin 19/4/14

big bell

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Morning all just a little report from some family adventure to sussex inlet on the weekend.

Travelled to the inlet boat ramp that ive used before at around 11am with no surprise its packed

with a good sign fisheries working the incoming boats checking for undersize fish but to my dismay not checking for licenses ???.

Any how launch the boat and park a km away nice brisk jog back and were on our way anchor up just in the basin where I had done previously and did well ( thanks to the info of an old local fella who shared at xmas) and we bait up with some nippers id pumped the day before and some peeled prawn, Id talked this spot up to my dad and he was keen to see , 5 min in and the wifey is on to a decent bream measuring 36cm a quick told you so head nod to the old man and I thought were in for a easy day,

apart from 2 bream that went 25cm and went back in it goes quiet!!

With boats all around I decide to head for shallower water this time about 5m where my daughter catches a good size leather, lower the old bait bomb down with some old pellets I found and were back in business I latch onto another 6 with one going 40cm and a good size whiting too

my old man manages one good one and with some cleaning and fillets to take we call it a day and head back to base ,

good all round arvo.post-33068-0-48011800-1398038704_thumb.jpg

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Nice feed of bream.

We were at St Georges Basin over Easter aswell, Friday the conditions were great, a bit windy on Sat so didn't hit the Basin (site seeing instead at Hyams Beach), and Sunday was pretty good.

We ended up with 5 keeper snappers (largest going 45 cm), a couple of bream and a couple of flathead, all caught using squid, prawns and pillies. There was heaps of just under size bream (between 22cm to 24 cm) and pinkies (between 26 to 28 cm), when you find them, the action was non-stop, just about every cast resulted in a hook-up.

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cheers guys, ive been to sussex and the start of the basin twice now and recommend it highly chatting to others theres tons of places to fish in the basin that are productive with snapper up to 4kg as well cant wait to head back!!!

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Nice catch from a nice area. Just looking at the pic there and noticed the fan bellied leather jacket. I used to fish that area a bit and got them all the time with one as big as a dinner plate. I've never encountered them as frequently anywhere else.

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