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There is now RULE #18 about non sponsored charter operators.

Post about a non sponsored operator and you will be BANNED.


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Thanks for the update swordfisherman. This made me go look for a list of official charter sponsors. Obviously first place to look was 'a word from our sponsors'

I noticed that this is similar to all our threads in so much that the most recent and frequent posts are up first. Meaning you have to scroll a way through the list to find some of the companies who support Raiders but may not have put a post up recently.

Unless I've missed it? Could we have a pinned list of all sponsors and perhaps a one liner of their business type.

I don't normally buy into advertising but many sponsors on here spend considerable time offering free and valuable advice and I'm more than happy giving them first chance on my purchases if I know about them. Just a thought.


......... SaltWaterDog

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