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Mono for beach fishing


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Hi raiders,

I need your help!

Ive decided to hang up my lightweight sp graphite rod and lob some large baits into the ocean in the hope of catching something big. or alternatively open a donut shop....

To get me started Ive bought a cheapy jarvis walker 6000 alloy reel to attach to my 12" beach rod however ive just realized it has up to 20lbs on the spool but ive just loaded it up with 50lb mono. Will this be okay?

I probably should of asked on here before buying but it was an impulse buy trying to get ready for the upcoming longweeekend...

Im sure ill get sick of the cheapy reel and buy a decent setup but want to get the hang of it before spashing out.

Thanks in advance guys!

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When you say big what are you referring to?

As Stu said 50 is to heavy and I'm guessing with the spool capacity of a 6000 reel you've got well under 100m of line on... I'm guessing the reel itself has about 7kg of drag which is about 15lb, so again another negative to spooling with 50lb.

Personally I think you need a much bigger reel spooled with 30lb of quality mono (quality mono has a thinner diameter than cheap stuff eg platypus lo stretch 10kg is thinner than Jarvis walker bulk mono 6kg)

Have you looked at alvey products at all? If you need any direction pm me


If it's to good to be true, it usually is...

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Thanks Harry!

The biggest fish I've caught to date was a Flatty up Narrabeen way which went 80cm.. IMO anything bigger than an elbow slapper is big enough to make me smile. Hell I get excited when the drag goes off and its a 30cm chopper tailer :banana:

I grabbed some 20lb Berkley Mono, I don't think it's top quality, as it was only about $20 however it appears to be quite thin! I got about 300m of it on the spool without 'overloading' it.

I'm going to give this a whirl, provided I enjoy the beach adventure I'll look into an alvey or similar, How much would you say it'd cost to get me on something entry level?

Will definately take you up on the PM offer and get in touch when I'm ready to jump in.

Thanks again guys!



Tight lines. :fishing1:

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Truth of the matter is there's not much price difference between entry level and deluxe...

$137 gets you a 600B direct wind with the economy 10ft rod

$199 gets you the 6000bcvrr which is a drag model with rapid retrieve and the 12ft rod with Fuji guides

Fishing line is an extra, I'd go the 8kg platypus 500m $18

Not bad for some thing that will easily outlive us both :)

If it's to good to be true, it usually is...

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$220 ready to go sounds pretty good to me. We'll see how I go tomorrow... Although I might end up at my local tackle store this arvo...


Thanks again Harry


I hope you're wetting a line this weekend! 

I had a bit of a go this morning for one good pig and a BIG bust off, not much to report really but good to get out...

If it's to good to be true, it usually is...

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Ended up with a school shark, salmon and a trevally. Great night out. I'll right up a report tonight with a few happy snaps of my first shark catch. Absolutely stoked, the 20lb was more than capable!

I'll start the hunt for a new Alvey... :)

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