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Sydney offshore - 22-4-2014

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hey raiders, we got out there today, boats everywhere which is good to see, the conditions where great

we put the lures in close and trolled our way to the bait station, didn't bother going anywhere near the fads we saw there were about 8 boats sitting on each fad, so we left it to the bait guys

there was temp break about 2NM out around 23 degrees, another about 8NM out and one massive current line right on the bait station which was around 24.5 in places, it looked like rapids along the edge, it was a really nice current line with a few tuna birds along it

We boated around 12 dollies and a few striped tuna. 5 dollies over 80cm and rest were around 50 to 70cm. We were hooking up all the way out and all way back. We got quite a few dollies along the massive current line along the bait station as well.

We were using smaller lures mixed a couple of larger lures to begin with to boat a few dollies, then after about 2hrs once we had a few fish for dinner we had nothing out under 10 inches, the dollies still hit them. We dropped quite a few dollies on the bigger lures as well.

Didn't see or hook any Marlin, but it was great water for them. Still a great day and good fun. There will be some Marlin out there somewhere while this warm water hangs around.




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Great stuff guys! Really is awesome when you can get out mid week.

yeah, I work on the weekends and late nights to get the mid week fishes in, but its worth it. I got say though over the last 2 months weekdays have been sometimes more crowded than the week ends. I guess when a good reports come in coupled with good weather people just go for it and take the day off.

Yesterday looked really crowded around the fads.

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looks like a great day out you always catch something

you did better than me at the fad

cheers sydneyfisher12

yeah we have been avoiding the fads recently, there have been too many boats on them even mid week, we'll do a pass on them if there one or two boats on it and sometimes on the way back when there is no one on them, but its rare now that you find them with no boats on it

A lot of dollies we have got trolling about 2-3NM directly north of manly hydraulics and trolling our way out to the bait station, just anywhere. We come across patches of them. Sometimes we can see 20-30 of them jumping out behind the lures chasing them down.

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