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Georges River Blackifish


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Had a day off so decided to grab my blackfish gear and head down to Botany Bay for some blackfish action. Started in the Cooks River at around 5am with six downs but no hook ups. Moved to the boat ramp at Kyeemah and again a few downs but nothing. It was as if they were tasting the weed and then spitting it out. Moved to breakwalls at airport for a go and went down a size hook to a number 10. Once more the fish were way too smart and just kept toying with me for two more downs in an hour and still no hook up.
Decided to go south to Tom Uglys and try again. And would you believe the same pattern once again with slow slow downs and then nothing. I tried striking early and also tried striking very late - counting to 30 seconds once.

Threw out the new weed I had collected and in desperation used some old weed I had from a few weeks ago which was still good and still smelled nice and weedy.


Eight downs and eight fish from around 10.30am till 12.00am ranging from 31cm, to a beauty at 41cm. All hooked cleanly through the lips. Took one to mum and kept three to feed the family. Rest went back in the drink.

  • photo.JPG

My thoughts is that it may still be a bit early for winter blackfishing and/or that there are alot of small blackfish around.

Anyway will be planning my next session soon and this time with my son.



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Was taught as a young kid to only keep enough to feed your family and have kept that as one of my rules ever since. I also fish very light down to 6 pound leader and sometimes 4 pound leader when feeling adventurous and wishing to stack the odds in favour of the fish.


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