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Fishing Cronulla Beach


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I was thinking to venture into 'the shire' for a fish. I've never fished the beach, and I normally like to fish early mornings. Does anybody have any tips about where to park or areas of the beach easiest to access? I'd like to avoid surfers and swimmers where possible. Thanks

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Best to park at Wanda and walk towards Boat harbour.

Plenty of worms and Pipies if you know what you are doing.

Very hard to miss swimmers and surfers during school holidays.

Fishes better at night if you find the right gutter.

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If you are not familiar with the area, Wanda is the beach between Boat Harbour and South Cronulla.

South Cronulla is near the grassy family area with lots of people shops and Cafes. Wanda there is the Surf life saving club and the restaurant. There is normally a gutter in from of the surf club to the right.

I have fished Wanda, Boat harbour and South cronulla. I got my PB tarwhine off the beach at South Cronulla at night but beware there is a snag in the middle of the beach there. Lost a good fish to it!

All produce fish just try and get there the afternoon before a morning session or in the afternoon before a night session to look for a good gutter.

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I used to fish cronulla regularly and although the beach is a relatively short walk I would still go to wanda to avoid the crowds and surfers.

once you get there talk any of the access paths to the beach and once you get to the end of the path stop and look at the gutters and then look at the affect the swell is having on the gutter (which way the current is going and which way the wind is going = which way will my line hang) and where do i have to stand to have my bait in the right spot.

my most popular catch has been flathead, taylor, salmon, bream in that order.

best baits are worms, nippers, prawns, pillys.

hope this helps

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