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Arrived at the balmoral jetty 5 mins before first light, to see small bust ups near the boats. The bait these fish were chasing was small finger length silver and blue fish, so I tied on a 20 gram blue and black raider. I hoped for kingfish, but after a few casts hooked up to a frigate mackerel. Fished for the next hour for another 4 before the school disappeared. Good day overall!Posted ImagePosted Image

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there so unpredictable surface feeding fish one day they will be at balmoral and the next day they'll be right up the parra they just follow the bait fish find the bait fish and your in with a good chance

Hope this helps sydneyfisher12

This both helps and doesnt! It confirms that its up to luck if they're there, but absolutely doesn't cause I have no idea of knowing where theyll be! Finding the baitfish seems as easy as finding them too



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