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Port to Sydney on Reef Magic


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Hi all what a day aboard reef magic yesterday mike punched out north of the carpark to start our days fishing (2 out should be interesting) wasn't long before damos pakula lumo sprocket on the short rigger goes of mike comes flying down the flybridge (never seen mike move so fast) to help me clear the rods as we had a full spread out, the 50w was screaming of in the distance then nothing? 1st lure gone.
Put another one of damos lumo sprockets out about an hour later short rigger again gets smashed by blue that mike estimated at 180kg, it was going nuts at the back of the boat then 2nd lure gone.
We get to Norah Canyons around lunch time when we see a massive blue 200 metres away flying across the top of the surface with his eye on another one of damos lumos on the short rigger and hits it at full speed then clearing the shotgun then turning back charging towards the boat then you guessed it was gone again.

Time to turn and head home past the baitstation got another run on the short rigger (yes short rigger was very busy) pulled lures in called it a day and were back in Sydney at 6pm

Thanks very much to Reef Magic sorry to Damo about your lures we will do it again soon


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Sounds like an eventful day. And this post is making me feel a whole lot better about the screaming runs and lures lost i have had on big fish this season.

So there back in sydney hey ! Tuna season is getting real close.


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