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Big Eye Trev on light gear


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Hi fellows,

Last long week end me and the misses went to North Haven for a little relax, haven't been fishing much over the 4 days (too much of a negotiation with the misses) but always kept a stick ready in the car for a few casts if we were to drive past a nice looking spot.

Among the quick attempts, I managed to catch a few legal breams and whitings on lure, as well as loads of undersized lizards, only Lord knows why?

On a nice sand flat I managed a couple of whitings on stickbait when the third "whiting" looked a bit brutal on the take, the subsequent run let me thing about a 2+ kg tailor instead...

After a real 5 minutes hefty fight on 4 lb leader and 3 lb braid, that little bugger came out of the blue and got me literally stoked, my first "tropical" trevally in New South Whales.

The fish is not that big, prob 1.5 lbs but it's always a good feeling when you get this kind of surprise at the end of the line, it went back unharmed of course, after a quick shot.


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