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Johnson throttle cable


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Hi guys I just installed a new throttle cable and when I push the control forward it won't go when connected to the motor or when I push pressure against it with my hand but it works fine with no pressure against it.

I think the reason is one of three causes.

1. the spring on the the throttle lever on the engine is too much

2. The sleeve that the cable goes through and connects to the lever in the control box is binding on the cable sheath

3. The lever in the control box seems like it's been pried open and so the sleave sits very sloppy in it and kind of twists when the leaver is pushed.

When I push the lever I can see the sleeve kind of warping under the pressure but if the screws are undone that clamp the in cable the sleeve slides along it fine.

Has anyone had this kind of problem or any suggestions on how to fix it?


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