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AG Chain Knot - any info?


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G'day guys

Had a week at Byron with the family and promised not to take my fishing gear. However took some leader and braid to learn a few knots. Came across this AG Chain knot which has come from the Japanese jigging scene. Very simple to tie. I test all my knots to failure and these have come out at around 95% on 20 and 30lbs mono. It's meant to be for FC but I don't waste FC on testing.

Anyone got any experience with this knot? I normally use the ever reliable uni for terminal connections but it only ever tests between 60-70% max of ABS of the line. Definitely of thinking of switching for solid ring knife jig connections. Any suggestions? How many hitches do people use? Is it suitable to tie to a hook for live baiting?

Cheers, Bart

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