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Hobie accessories feedback


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Hi Guys,

Am looking at the hobie fly rod holder, rubber water seal for the mirage drive and turbo fins for my hobie revo 11.

Does anyone have any feedback on these items? turbo fins in particular. Having a look at the design i assume it works the same way as higer gears on a mountain bike?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Pred-ator,

I don't own a Hobie, but speaking to Hobie owners who have upgraded to the turbo fins, they tell me that it's a worthwhile move. They claim that the extra speed / reduced effort makes the peddling experience so much better. As for the other issues, I'll have to hand over to Hobie owners themselves.

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Yes, yes and yes!, the seal on the drive does make a difference so attach it!,love the turbo fins on each fin there is a brass thread…if you do it up as tight as it goes the fins become very stiff, this will give a bit more top end speed but if makes it noticeably harder to pedal I normally have this set about half way, Ive never had any issues with the Hobie rod holders….there the same as the Scotty ones but with the Scotty acc, you may have more options,


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I have owned the standard fin, ST turbo and the full turbo fins for a long period of time and definitely worthwhile to upgrade. There is a huge difference between the standard and ST turbo while there isn't much of a gain for the full turbo ones. You can google it and there is thread comparing all three of them.

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