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Brisbane Waters 27/04/14


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Headed out from Woy Woy yesterday morning. The rain was reoccuring and hammering down but that has never stopped us before.

For bait we had nippers, caught plenty the day before at Ettalong however took ages as 90% had eggs so I was letting them go.

We had a few good hits throughout the morning, Mostly mid sized bream etc. The missus ended up catching the keeper for the day which she was very pleased with. The weekend before we ended up taking home 3 solid bream & 67cm flathead.

Ended up calling it quits at 11am, Back at the ramp a bloke mentioned he caught a 90cm flathead.

Keen to get a weekend with a low swell to try a few reefs. It's just a waiting game now.


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At the end of mareela Ave (Street after Andersons Boat Hire) you can park and walk straight onto the sand flats. You will need to go 2 hours or more before the tide as the flats get covered pretty quick. If the tide has been low for too long they are really hard to get also.

I find I will get one or two nippers per pump. The flats further out produce bigger males. Take a rod and you'll be sure to get some good whiting with the nippers too.

Tube worms can also be found at this location.

Hardys bay has sand flats that are meant to be even better but I haven't needed to go out there yet.


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Nice catch!

Thanks also for sharing the nipper location. I reckon we should have stickie thread dedicated to these locations for all raiders to share so they know where to go straightway specially in unfamiliar areas.

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