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YFT off the heads


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been away for a couple of weeks, so just as i got back, thought i take the boat out for a quick run on thu. left at midday got to the heads and dropped a couple of lures in....10mins later bang double hook up, pulled up the first one and lost it 5m from the boat, jumped on the second rod and a few mins into couldnt believe my eyes! little YFT couple of hundred meters off the heads!! Last time i caught one of these i was east of browns! what great fishing we got on our doorstep!! trolled around for another hour and only managed 2 little bonitos.post-18783-0-62165200-1399078402_thumb.jpg

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Well done mate...still waiting to catch my first yft...5/6kg is all i want...dont really want to catch a big one coz it will kill me for sure...hehehe

lifes too short...go fishing when u can...

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