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Boat Towing Capacity


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Gday all,

Anyone had any experiences with towing a boat on the back of a little Suzuki Sierra ? Does anyone know the official Towing Capacity from factory on these little buggers ??? They are only 1.3L 4wd so I dont think its huge, but maybe enough to tow a Bream boat say 500kg ???????


Nick :biggrin2:

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Hi Nick,

My first 4Wd was a little Sierra, and boy was it fun. I made some 'ol blokes in their overpriced Toyotas look silly in the rough stuff on many occasions.

One of the best beach vehicles you can own, they go hard, are light and agile on the beach and will get you to many great fishing locations. As for the rated towing capacity, check the Suzuki website or one of the 4wd forums. I used to tow a box trailer with an inflatable Zodiac (prob around 250Kg all up) no probs at all, although i would never tow anything on the beach... especially Stockton!


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A mate of mine on our annual Stockton trip was towing a trailer laden with marquee, BBQ, 740,000 beers (all the usual equipment) when he crested a dune only to discover the normally rounded dune had a six foot dropoff on the far side.

I was told the story and saw the tracks. It was amazing and how he made it I'll never know but the trailer stayed attached and no harm done.

Does this sound like someone we know Gutsy??

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Your vehicle will probably have a maximum towing limit for a trailor with and without brakes. If you exceed these limits you will find that your insurance doesn't cover you if you have an accident etc.

I would call Suzuki and ask them if I were you.

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G`day Fellas ,

Lawrie Tows a fairly Large Boat behing his small 4X4 vehicle when fishing the Rivers , and its similar in size to that Suzuki , so I`ll get him to post a Pic of his boat and you can Judge for yourself.

But I`m not too sure he takes it any great distance .


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Hi Nick

No shortcuts here if you want to stay legal (covered by insurance).

You must obtain the manufacturer's towing specs for the given vehicle. If the manufacturer did not issue any specs (possible for a vehicle that age) then the RTA guidelines apply, else the manufacturer's spec takes precedence. You generally cannot defer to the RTA spec just because you haven't obtained the manufacturer's spec.

Having said that, the RTA spec tends to be tighter for larger vehicles so risk of getting it wrong are lower but with the smaller 4wd's...

:wife: has a daihatsu terios rated at only 400Kgs unbraked and 1350Kgs braked. Most trailers dont have brakes until they reach 750Kgs. I therefore don't tow my bluefin with the terios as I would probably be illegal (no trailer brakes).

A Suzuki JIMNY (close relative of your sierra) is only rated to 350kgs unbraked and about 1300Kgs braked.

hope this helps...

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I used to have a little 1983 4 speed suzuki sierra as my first car! Man - it was awesome. Used to leave much larger vehicles for dead on the soft sand because it was so light!

Unfortunately the towing capacity was not very large, and I would suggest not to try and tow any boat over 3.5 - 4 meters in length, and only go for aluminium.

On a tinny like that, its always going to be the motor thats the heaviest piece also - so if you've got a big donk on the back of a small boat then it could be hard work for the car also.

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