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Wyangala trout

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Before the big drought of the early 2000s Wyangala Dam was a fairly consistent trout fishery. i have just read on the DPI website that NSW Fisheries have been restocking it with rainbow trout for the past three years (along with cod and golden perch). Just wondering if any raiders have caught trout there over the past year or two?

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The last time I caught trout at Wyangala Dam was back in 2002. I fish the dam a few times each year and have never seen or caught anymore trout.

I know that DPI has released trout into the dam but they need the dam to be quite full and the small creeks running so they can breed. This has probably only

occurred on 1 or 2 occasions over the last 12 years. I am going to the dam this coming weekend 17th and 18 May, so if I have any luck I'll post a report.

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