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Spit bridge Friday night


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Have plans Sunday so negotiated to get my fishing fix in Friday night. Plan was to go out baitless, just some bread to get yakkas and use lives on the high tide around 04:30. Headed out will all new new gear I got to run livies (aerator, big bucket, rod holder so I could use my light rig while the heavy one was out ).

Got to Balmoral jetty and no yakkas about, tried for 45 min to raise them but nothing shows up. Decided to go to spit bridge to try for squid but as a backup picked up some servo pilchards and prawns on the way.

Setup at spit bridge around midnight but saw no squid activity. Had a go but being my first squid attempt I was probably not doing it right.

Setup my heavy rig with a full pilchard on a paternoster rig and sent that out based on the vain hope something substantial would show up. Started using my lighter rig to put prawns under the bridge but the current just kept taking it to get snagged. Went through a lot of gear due to that damn weed.

Kept this going all night up to the high tide figuring if a jewie would show up for my pilchard it would be then. Some others pulled a few little squid and one guy got a large puffer fish.

Don't think I got a hit the whole night. Once the tide changed I figured I would try up to sunrise just to see if that changed activity but nothing. Called it over around 6:30 and headed home.

So a very tiring, cold, frustrating trip out. Now wishing I pulled that sickie on my birthday this week and used that nice day instead.

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Thumbs up for your perserverance.

The fish weren't cooperating last night.

Same result at Narrabeen, though I chucked it in a lot earlier.

I thought the only other bloke on the beach could I have been you

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