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Pittwater session, Squid and tailor


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Had a last minute fishing itch and decided i needed to find some new spots. Left home really late at 4pm, so i didnt get much of the last light unfortunately. Went for a wander and found a nice little rocky outcrop with a bit of wash. Chucked in a large dead yakka on a 7/0 circle, placed 3m under a float with very little drag set on the pflueger salt, while i set up my Lox rod with a 5/8th jig head and a 5" pearl white gulp jerk shad. Before i finished rigging up my plastic, i heard the drag clicking slowly on the rod with the yakka. did the drag up a little to feel very consistant pulses, confirming a LARGE squid. pulled the yakka back in to get the squid away and recast it. Abandoned the plastics plan and tied on a 3.5 Gancraft UOJYA jig in red. Cast, let it sink, whip whip whip, squid on. Not a monster but decent none the less.

By the time i retrieved the squid the rod with the yakka was having some attention. Picked it up, put some pressure on and the hook was set. Not much of a fight considering my pflueger is loaded up with 50lb braid and a 60lb leader, and within a couple seconds had a 41cm tailor on the ground. Out went another yakka which went travelling at speed after 20 seconds! Tightened the drag and tried to put some hurt on but whatever it was didnt take the hook.

3rd yakka went out as the light completely went, left it for 10 mins before i decided to head to another spot in Pittwater with a bit of light for some squid. 1st location was quiet. fished it for an hour before moving to another location just at the peak of high. Managed another 3 before it went quiet. Tried flicking some hardbodies without any love.


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Squid will be for a feed. Got another 6 or so large squid waiting to be used for bait, along with the tailor fillets. Looking forward to getting to this spot earlier during the day and giving it a good crack!

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