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Sydney Rocks


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Hi all, wondering if anyone could help by pointing me in the right direction of some decent Sydney rock locations, preferably between La perouse and Bondi but im willing to travel a little further south if need be. Wanting to target primarly bream, drummer, luderick, squid and smaller snapper with unweighted baits. I've been exploring via google maps, but, oh my the options seem endless, would be appreicated if someone can point me in the right direction. Feel free to send a pm if you would prefer, cheers :)

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Guest no one

Maroubra North is productive if you go at a low swell. VERY Dangerous at times as rogue waves come in very high, caught usual reef species, Blackfish and have seen kings around. It gets very busy with people taking undersized fish and claiming ignorance by not speaking the language... so it is a frustrating spot to fish at times.

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Little bay & long bay. Just dont take risks.

Cheers for the response Spykey, just wondering whether at little bay im best fishing the north or south side of the bay? Wanting to go out on Saturday because the weather looks very nice, thanks.

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1st thing you should ask yourself b4 fishing the rock ledges is do u have all the safety gear? Rock cleats, never fish alone etc.

Yea something i do when rock fishing is i wear my workboots (steel cap boots) which are just slip offs so if i fall in i can kick them off and i have clip on cleats that a guy my mum knows made and i wear the inflatable pfd jackets so in the event of falling in i can kick my shoes off so i can swim and the life jacket and for sharper areas i wear a glove so i can push off

Yeah i agree when fishing the rocks safety is key. I havent yet invested in a lifejacket, but i do wear a pair of old cricket spikes always, they play there part well haha. This weekends forecast looks excellent so should be fine, and hopefully crack into a few decent fish. Cheers for the safety tips and advice, greatly appreciated :) will let you know how i get on

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Hey mate,

sorry for late reply,

there is couple of safe rock fishing spot at little bay.

But I usually flick softplastics off the beach at high run-out tide...

Mainly get Flatheads, blackies, whiting and pikes.

I think I am not a pro yet with SP to get a bream :P

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