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Different fish for different rods


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Hi all.

I bought a 4-8kg ugly stik a couple of months ago, and haven't really used it much because I have no idea what to use it for. From my understanding this is probably too light for kingfish, and I prefer to use my lighter rods for flatties, bream and Whiting.

So from your experience, what size rods would you use when targeting different species?


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4-8 is heaps for rat kings, might be a bit under gunned on the bigger fellas though.

I personally go as light as possible, with a good reel you can land most fish on light rods as long as there's no structure to get reefed on.

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When the kingys where coming in the boat thick and fast last year in the harbour

Me and my mate were using 5 inch plastics on 2-6 and 2-4 kg rods on kings and we got em in easily (of course being kingys they put up a great fight but we got the in)

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