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Surf spin rod advice


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Hi Raiders,

Im in the market for a new surf spin rod to suit the Shimano Aero 4000 reel, mainly for chucking metals on the beach chasing salmon etc over winter.

I chose the reel for its high gear ratio and long cast spool design, i plan on using super slick 15lb braid.

he rod to use im not too sure about yet.

So far im tossing up between the:

Diawa Seabass 96ML



Rapala Imperium S962M


The Diawa is a lighter rod with better spec for the money but the rapala is more powerful with more cast weight also.

At this stage im leaning towards the rapala, so please give me some advice and options, im trying to keep the budget to the $160 or less mark.

Thanks, Rory.

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Of the two you've pointed out I'd take the diawa. Personally I very rarely fish with a metal lure heavier than 30g and often like to fish a bit lighter with soft plastics or similar. I think the rapala is a bit on the heavy side in that department, the diawa would give you the best casting weight range and be light enough to have a bit more fun with the bigger fish. But, it also depends on how they both feel...

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They are both nice rods, the diawa is what was recomeded but the rapala has more power and ive fallen into the trap of buying too light a rod before...that said it is exellent fun on the lighter rods. The point you make about plastics is one ive probably overlooked the diawa will allow me to flick some larger plastics if required.

out of interest are there any particular metals you cast regularly?


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Hey mate,

I have the Seabass 96ml, as well as a few other rods I use for flicking metals, and plastics off the beach (samaki, shimano travel, daiwa, wilson). I have the seabass married up to a freams 3000 reel (20lb sunline), and it is a lovely balance, and light. I can cast it all day. I don't know how it would be with a 4000 reel though; I would probably get along to a shop to check the balance. I know I could probably use a 2500 comfortably, and without dramas. I just like having 300yards of braid in case of a prized Mulloway swallows the grub. Would I buy another seabass, yes (I would probably look at the new lateo, but thats me).


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I have gone with the seabass rod after all!

after looking at a few reels, the diawa 3000 reels are about the same size as a shimano 4000.

if there is anything else I need to know about surf spinning please let me know!!

Cheers all.

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