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Help! Want a hard top for my boat

Devil Ray

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Hello raiders...

I bought my first boat around 7 months ago, being on a budget i couldnt buy my dream boat but it was after all " a boat" .

I have slowly made some improvements over time and am looking at going the whole hog soon with a respray, new bai board and live tank etc

I would really like to get a hard top built but i have no idea how much i can expect to pa??, who does these things?? Where do i start?

I have attached a photo of the boat, if anyone has any idea on price ( ball park figure) or a business in Newcastle, Sydney or Central Coast that does this sort of thing then please let me know.

Cheers Guys n Gals


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is your cabin/top alloy or fibre glass?

if its alloy you could design your own then approach a metal fabricator preferably one that does a lot of work with alloy. I dont know what sort of $ you would be looking at, Ive had jobs done by a local guy at Kingswood & I was really surprised how little he charged but they were only small jobs.

keep in mind the top will increase the rock & roll of the boat

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Hi, you should speak to Gary at Seriously Stainless and see if he can help. As mentioned with that Lancer you will want to be careful how much weight you add up high.



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