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Sick of loosing squidjigs to snags? here ya go!


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Im not sure if this has been discussed already or not but i have been using this technique for extracting snagged squid jigs for quite a while and has not affected my catch rate.

if i remember right, i picked it up in a fishing mag. It requires a bit more work but basically eliminates any possibility of loosing jigs to snags.

Have a look at the photos to see to understand whats going on.

The red filled black rectangle in front of the jig represents a small swivel.

The black line is a LOW breaking strain line (the lowest of all your gear, so if your mainline is 12 pound, this should be 8). This line is attached from the swivel to the jig and should be approximately 5-6cm long.

The purple curved line represents line with the same breaking strain as your mainline. Its also attached to the same swivel end as the black line and the other end is attached around the back spike. This line should not be too lose as to its self snag on weed but not too tight so you are not actually using this line to work the jig, ie: there should be no pressure on this line when the jig hangs from the mainline, all the pressure/ weight of the jig is carried by the black low diameter line or you will ruin your jigs action.

The third line (green) is simply your main line which goes to your rod and subsequently, your spool.

the idea is:

1. your jig gets snagged :hitsfan:

2. You pull back, slowly increasing pressure until the black line snaps (it has the lowest breaking strain) :fishing1:

3. The jig is now being pulled from the back purple line in the OPPOSITE direction (spikes facing backwards and at the front of the setup with the head of the jig trialling at the back). :biggrinthumb:

4. This allows the jig to free its self! :thumbup:

5. You cut back the popped black line, re-tie it and your good to go again! :banana:

Let me know guys if some of this is not clear enough (though i reckon a rhesus monkey could set this up) :horse:


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The main cause of jigs getting snagged is how they fall and rest on the bottom.

If you use high quality jigs you'll get snagged less as they'll fall at a 45° angle and rest on the bottom nose down.

It also pays to study the areas you're intending to fish, that way you can fish the jig accordingly to avoid snags.

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Daiwa Tournament 8 PE1 and 20lb FC gets mine out easy enough ;)

Yes the swivel does affect the way the jig sinks, and its action when being jerked through the water. Not enough for most people to be fussed about, but more than enough when your pedantic about your squid fishing and want to increase every possibility of hooking up.

Great idea none the less!

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