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Yakkas or Squid in Middle Harbour


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Just a quick Question on Middle Harbour, taking my son and wife for the wife's first boat fishing trip since she got terribly sea sick last time I took her, so I'm really wanting to keep her to the nice calm waters of northern middle harbour, hoping to find a king maybe lurking in sugarloaf or just chase some bream around the bays with a plan to launch at roseville ramp, I'm worried even the tiny swell at balmoral would be too much otherwise I'd go there for squid and yakkas

Is there anywhere further upstream to chase some livies?

If she gets to catch some fish without getting sick it'll mean a lot more fishing in the future for me and the boy so it's win/win :)

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Hi Linc, I've caught them off the various ocean pools around Seaforth. There's one at gurney cr and there's a public pontoon just around the corner from near Abernethy st & the moth sailing club. Just berley up, they should be around. Also a great spot to flick plastics and soak some bait is the drop off from the flats at bantry bay. Picked up the occasional squid through the moorings as well. Good luck!

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