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Bloody Stinking Pike....


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Went out this arvo around Swansea Heads again and the place was infested with bloody Pike.Now I saw on certain Jewfish secrets video that they are supposed to be a gun Jewie bait but my question is are they any good for Snapper like Sgt Baker are or can they be frozen[iN 5 PLASTIC BAGS] as Jewie bait to be used either as slabs or butterflied at a later date.What about live-bait under a balloon for Kings.Does any one use them or not.

Thanks in advance Stu.

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I think they turn to mush in the freezer, you could try salting them first.

Secondly, they are not real strong and don't last long in the tank or alive, although they are a good shape for bait.

I think the best option for the old smelly pike is fresh dead bait, butterflied slabs or cut, it's a winner.

Oh yeah, if you do want it live,take extra care to minimize handling cos you knock the scales off them and they don't like it.

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I was at balmoral fishing next to this guy and a pike cruised passed and he was throwing everything at it. Prawn, squid, pilchard, chicken,etc

I asked why he wants it so bad

He replied saying he wanted to put it out on a balloon and drift out for a kingy

He said they make a great livie for kings.

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Guest Aussie007

fresh pike just caught than thrown on your hook is gun bait for flatties at botany slow drift or anchoring up

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got 2 pikes the other day from Little Bay.

Filleted them and put a coat of egg and bread crumbs on it, then baked in the oven..

taste like whiting..

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