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The Barges


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Headed out on Sat to the barges for 1 more crack at the kings.


Once again I couldn't get a yacca but there were heaps of sweep in the burley trail.

So I headed off to chase some squid. paddled to Lovett bay and got a nice sized one and sent him down. I started heading back to the barges and the squid started bouncing around and I thought here we go. Had a little run then nothing. Brought in up and my squid looked like swiss cheese. Head missing and 3 big holes in the hood. Spewing. So back to the squid grounds for more bait. The problem was all the squid after that were to big for bait, so they just came home for a feed. not a bad problem to have. Yet again the kings and yaccas have beaten me. Anyone no of another place for yaccas around Scotland island or Church point.





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I think the yakkas are out away from the structure at this time of year - all my regular spots (wharves, west head, etc) have gone dead, but I've found big schools of biiiig yakka out in the deeper water. Given the lack of wind, I've been spotting them on the rise in the dawn and dusk on the water. It seems liike the yakka's know that the pelagics are clearing out, and they are too big now for whatever's left, so they are going out into the open a bit more. In any case, I think squid are better bait, and easy to catch at this time. It's a dilemma whether to just go for squid themselves for a feed, or to use for bait.

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I go fishing pretty regularly for squid like that, I rarely use them for bait unless heading into kingy grounds and even then I generally use plastics or poppers or divers. I would much rather keep the squid for myself hehehe. They are tasty little morsels.


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cheers guys. Got 1 more question for you all, Would leather jackets and taylor hit a live squid. I don't think it was a king that bit hoels in the squid. The head was ripped off and the holes were a perfect circle the size of a 20c piece.

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is that picture of the kayak and the sunset at bayview? cause to the left of that picture there is a good spot near the mariner where the swimming pool is. just anchor up a couple of metres of and burly the shit out of it. you know how it works. where abouts do you go for kings when you use live bait. im usually middle harbor man cause its closer. went out long reef last weekend, and got some solid snapper. the bigger ones around the 50cm mark seemed to prefer stinky prawn which has been sitting in my yak for day. good fun.

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Yeah mate its up the top end of Bay view near the Yacht racing club.

We got the squid just in front of the boats.

It was actually in the morning. there goes that saying red sky in the morning hahahahah.

Just started over that side as I saw some guys get some nice fish at the barges on Scotland island so been going there a bit.

Id love to go to longy, how far is the paddle from the ocean ramp there.

Ill give that spot a go for the yaccas next time. Last 2 times iv burleys hard I got swarmed by sweep.

Cheers for the advice

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