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Squidding help

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Hey all,

I'm going squidding this week because I need to catch some by the end of this week for an event. I have only ever been once down at bobbin head but I didn't catch anything.

I really know nothing about squidding and as wondering if you guys could let me know what gear I need, what spot I should go to etc.

I already have a squid jig and I am able to go anywhere within 40min drive from Epping.



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Guest Aussie007

really depends where u squid as to style,size of jig,weight of jig, i would start with a orange or red yamahashita or yo-zuri if u can only afford one or two to start off with thats ok their not cheap, pick a 1.8 or 2 in weight size and try wharfs usually closer to open ocean gives u a better catch rate with bigger squid

ive been out of action for a long time now but my technique was very basic, let the jig sink if u think its sunk enough let it sink a little more than just start reeling very slow if u think your going slow enough now go half that speed and when u hook up u dont need to set the hook just keep gentle pressure if the squid fights let the rod tip do the work

when i first started squidding it took a few nights before i manged one so persistence pays off

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