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Another trip to Palm Beach provides another feed of fish. I made the trip by myself on a balmy afternoon. It was a warm 23 degree day and the water was still warm. I started fishing around 2.30pm armed with Pilchards and a cheap stick. I was using 5-6 kg mono with a 20lb leader. I lost another good Sambo as I was trying to lift him out of the water. Devastating. The day got better from there. I caught a 33cm Bream, 3 Trevally between 32-37cm and right at the end of the day around 5.30pm I caught a 56cm Flathead. There was plenty of good fish which I lost but I still took home a feed for the dinner table. Next time I will bring a net to hopefully land one of those big Australian Salmon. Still it was a lot of fun and a great way to spend a week day afternoon.




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Nice catch mate, very we'll done!!

Especially off the beach!

Cheers scratchie_junit

It wasn't off the beach, it was off the Pittwater side. I was out there again today with my brother, caught a mammoth Salmon, I will do a report on that over the coming days. :)

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