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Possible beach fishing trip.


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Hey raiders i have ran into a few days off work this week, and with the misses at collage the next 3 days i thought it would be an opportunity to scratch my beach fishing itch.

I was thinking of heading up the coast just for a day, maybe to the enterence? I'm just putting the feelers out to see if anyone can help me out with locations.

I'll target jewies with one rod loaded with fresh mullet and possible tailor and ill also have a rod with pillies, worms etc.

any help would really help out.

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Blood worms off the beach and with the jewie rig throw a surf popper on the rig above the bait as well as there are salmon around up there

Thx mate, are there tackle shops up there that sell blood worms??

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The best place is Nth Entrance Beach. Just park in the carpark near the lake and then walk in. Couple of bait and tackle shops up that way that sell worms.

You'll need heavy gear as the current normally races at Nth Entrance Beach

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