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Bimini to GT knot


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G'day Raiders,

I've been using the bimini twist to GT knot for a fair while now for my braid to FC connection for anything 15lb and over. I use this knot because it is quicker to tie on the go than an FG knot and I don't have a bobbin for a PR knot.

Just recently a couple of fishos have suggested that the 7 turns through the loop that I use for the GT knot are not enough and I should be using 12. Trouble is, when I tie it with 12, the braid bunches up and only half tightens leaving the loop end loose. This happens no matter how well lubricated the knot is or how much I smooth out the braid.

The question for those that use this connection is, how many times do you pass the leader through the bimini loop?



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