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Botany Bay saturday 24/5/14


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Fished the Bay yesterday first time for a while lures only, started slow till about halfway into the run out tide then the Tailor moved in and there are some big ones out there [out the front of Coles at Ramsgate] so after donating six or seven jerk shads I moved to the Kernel side of the bay where I managed a few small Flathead a flounder and some small snapper, Just before the turn of the tide I moved to a favourite spot near the Kurnell boat ramp caught a few small flathead and was beginning to think that was it for the day when I got a very solid hook up lots of head shakes big solid runs it was a bit tricky as I was in the middle of a bunch crab traps anyway got clear of them and got it to the boat and after a couple of nervy shots with the net it was in the boat ,the top of the fish box is 65cm so I think it was easy 70cm anyway it was a good end to the day and good to see there are still some good fish in the Bay


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