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Land-based Fishing near Botany Bay


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Hi, my first post :)

I have been reading through the forums but couldn't find any up to date information on good fishing spots around the Botany Bay area.

So far, I have tried Taren Point/Captain Cook Bridge (Both north and south) and Tom Uglys Bridge (North side only, south side seemed very shallow).

I have only ever caught 1 decent bream at Tom Uglys Bridge, and the rest were always under sized.

Taren Point/Captain Cook Bridge, almost never catch anything and always too small.

I see that some people recommend Dolls Point or the breakwall at Kyeemagh (Cooks River entrance).

Are they any good, or should I be looking at other areas? I heard that Dolls Point is shallow nowadays due to sand being pushed there or something...

By the way, I go fishing with people that I prefer remain in safe areas so I avoid the rocks and waves.

Thanks in advance!

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Guest no one

Dolls Point holds good flatties and some bream too, seen tailor smashing the surface there also.

Yarra Bay has provided some great flathead for me, cast just before the 2nd weed bed and you'll hook up often at high tide. Also seen a few shovelnose around the area there if you want a fight. The odd king cruises through too!

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Guest no one

Depends how far you can cast and what you're targeting? You know you can catch flatties in 40cm of water right?

One of my most productive spots in Botany Bay is 3 meters deep!

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I'm usually targeting bream. I thought the pylons would be good but never caught anything decent there. Never saw anyone else catch anything decent there either, so I hope it's not just me.

Not really sure how far I'm casting, but I cast pretty far compared to most people. Not sure if further is better but I assume further = deeper = bigger fish? I'm assuming this because my only decent catch came from a pretty far cast. Please tell me if I'm wrong :) Maybe it was just a lucky cast into a deep hole or something.

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