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Rod holders for trolling


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Hi guys,

I have a Sant Marine bait board however, i don't have faith in its rod holder's sturdiness for trolling.

I was thinking of adding clamp on rod holders to the base legs of the bait board. Does anything think this would be a bad idea?

Here are the rod holders I was talking about

And here is the bait board I have

Thanks in advance !

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Mate, you gotta remember the force on your bait board will only = your max drag so I'm thinking what 6 kg? With the rod acting as a shock absorber? Sorry to spoil your shopping trip buti think the BB should handle that

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Thanks for the response guys ! yeh I think I'll be making some heavy duty lanyards for peace of mind.

I bought some 250kg strap for $10 lol

stevemid I'm happy to have my shopping trip ruined .Been spending way too much lately ..

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Yeah I think it would be okay for light outfits, don't hang a 80w game outfit in there though! If it's only light stuff should be fine. If you want to confirm to your neighbors you are a fishing nut you could stick an outfit in there, grab the line and give it a good heave whilst eyeballing the bait board? If it's flexing around too much then rethink?

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