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botany bay 25/5


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on the water by 6am went out the front of the bay to try for some flatties then have a crack at the snapper we have been hearing about well that was the plan, the wind was a site more brisk then it was supposed to be with wind and current going in the same direction we couldn't hold bottom even with 2 pound leads and when we did hold bottom we were jack attacked, lost all our heaver leads but we did get one little jacket that we kept out of spite. my mate was getting a bit green so we came back inside and tried whatts reef lots of little blurters went over to mol point and tucked out of the wind ended up catching 2 beam 27/28 cm 1 bluter 30 cm 1 gurard 26 cm and a large banjo ray that went back had to be back for my sisters birthday so off the water by 12


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