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Which blackfish rod - Wilson blackfish or shimano catana coastal light


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Looking for some advice from the experts here

Looking to buy a blackfish rod but would like to use it for other light surf fishing if possible

Saw the Wilson Blackfish rod - very whippy as all good blackfish rods are designed to be

Fibreglass and $105- looks great but maybe a bit too flexible for light surf fishing?

Was wondering if the graphite shimano catana coastal light 10 foot 6 inches may be more versatile.

Graphite and maybe less whippy and therefore possibly more versatile and $ 79

Thanks in advance


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Can't comment on the Wilson blackfish rod as I've never picked one up before, but have been using a Shimano Catana Coastline Light for the past few years.

Find it extremely versatile and I think it's a great rod, especially for that price.

Have used it successfully for blackfishing in Sydney Harbour. Can't see why it wouldn't work off the rocks as I fish for drummer in the wash with it as well.

Have also used it many times from the rocks and beaches spinning for salmon, tailor and bonito. Will cast lures up to 30g very well.

It's also the rod I use for bream and whiting fishing from the beach, and squidding from the rocks.

You can certainly get better rods for each of those types of fishing, but if you value that level of versatility, then I would certainly recommend it, especially at that price point.

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Hey Poohbear,

I have fished for blackfish exclusively using Wilson 'Live Fibre' rods for the last 15 years - very light and tough (they are a little dearer). They have a wide range to choose from, two and one piece rods. They can double up as light surf rods. Wilson also have a cheaper range which would also do the job. Have a look on line - depends on how much you want to spend/or allowed to spend.

Good luck with your selection, Regards Rut

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Hi Poohbear. I've got a Wilson live fibre too. Very light with a small Alvey attached and can hold it all day without getting sore arms. I use it for light surf fishing for whiting mainly when conditions suit. Caught a few nice flathead too.

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Yes I too can recommend the Wilson Live Fibre,I have 3, don't ask why, my wife can't understand it either.

They make one dedicated for the Alvey or centre pin reel where the first runner is farther away for casting and another one dedicated to a normal thread line reel.

Cheers Steve

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