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How to go tuna fishing


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My aim this year is to catch a tuna - or at least get out there with the chance of catching one.

I don't own a boat. I'd be happy with a charter trip out of Sydney or somewhere near north or south coast. The problem is there is just one of me - I don't know enough people interested in sport fishing to make up a charter. I tried to make up a charter at work once - a lot of messing around but no go in the end. I certainly cant afford to charter an entire boat - and not the multiple times that I suspect it requires if you want to be in with a real chance of catching a tuna. So it would need to be a charter that takes individuals.

So can anyone suggest how someone like me goes about getting out tuna fishing. Anyone know a reliable charter that targets medium sized tuna (ie albacore, yellowfin) and takes individuals. I have talked to some charter companies in Sydney and they seem to be exclusively focused on chartering out their whole boat - I cant blame them for sticking to this business model as I understand its not an easy way to make a living and they probably find catering to a boatload of individuals is more hassle then its worth (maybe, perhaps someone can clarify ?).

Maybe joining a fishing club is the best idea. There is a fishing club in a local bowls club of which we are members. The problem is they seem to be exclusively focused on the bottom bouncing/meat-hunting side of things. Are they all like that ?

Just interested in the comments from people who know more about the local charter and recreational fishing scenes then I do.



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Join your nearest game fishing club, central coast,broken bay, Sydney,Botany Bay, port hacking, Wollongong. You will find many people with boats that are looking for people like you.

The pub based fishing clubs tend to be about raffles and drinking with some fishing thrown in.

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Talk to Reef Magic Charters. They are a sponsor here and often put together groups of people to fill the boat up. There are generally also a few that advertise here to get a group together on Reef Magic.

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