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Fishing My Local Waters


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gday raiders

today i decided i would just fish around my local waters

first thing i decided to do was take out my kayak and flick some SP's for some bream and flattys i fished for about an hour and i caught nothing on the way back i decided i would have a flick at this one pontoon i put in a perfect cast twitch twitch i look away and BAM im on this is a nice fish it tryed to take me back into the snag and the wind is blowing me onto the pontoon i only have a 6lb leader but i lead him to the net nicely measure him and he goes 34cm


i then decided i would walk down the end of my street to a nice spot i know i put out a pillie head and a float rig and i was winding in my pille head and then i stopped it half way because my float rig was on any way i dropped the fish on my float it was only tiny i pick up my other rod and i'm on this time its a nice flatty i think its around 40cm but i forgot my brag mat so i don't know


sorry its not a great photo

now i swapped to prawns and got a few small fish and then i landed a nice bream once again i didn't know the exact size but i think its around 25-28cm but it was a really fat fish


all in a great days fishing

cheers sydneyfisher12 :fishing1:

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