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sans souci


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I have caught them and seen heaps caught at San Soucci Park on the north end of Taren Point Road. The water is about 8-10 foot deep and fishes well off the little wharf. No weed (of the fishing type) there so have to import it. Also gets a bit busy so get there early. It is also a bit exposed so dress for the weather. Lots of other friendly blackfishermen there and very helpful. Just to the left of the wharf under the bridge apparently fishes well but have not seen this myself.

Hope that helps


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Probably all times. Better with moving water for some drift so changing tide usually the preferred time for the seasoned blackfishermen.

My philosophy is rather simple - if there is a line in the water with some bait you are more likely to catch fish than if you are sitting in your armchair at home listening (or trying not to listent) to the wife .


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I fish these spots mentioned here quite a bit. There are blackfish there but sometimes the wind, tide, weather are not right and you will be lucky to get a down. Local weed is best and sometimes cabbage works. Last few I caught was off the rocks under the northern end of Captain Cook bridge. The wharf was full of fishermen and if you enjoy drifting for blackies then avoid the wharf when busy as most of these clowns don't understand the etiquette of sharing the drift.

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