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Sat with royce/monday solo session

Guest hawkesbass

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Guest hawkesbass

Hit up the lower harbour with royce on sat for a luderick session.

We started fishing the run up tide my first drift while royce rigged up i landed a fish in the low 30cm range and in the net.

Next drift dropped the fish by this stage royce was ready to go and onto a fish on his first drift another low 30 cm range fish.

As the the tide got near high the fish slowed down with us having eight in the net by this stage.

We continued to fish with the odd down and fish landed and just as we agreed to call it quits another school of fish moved in and we got another six for the net all fish in the low to mid 30cm range.

The day started out wet but cleared up mid morning untill the westerly kicked in and headed home keeping seven of the fourteen landed for a feed.


Today i had the day of and headed out west of the bridge with the leftover bait from sat.

The stay started of really good with four fish landed in the first hour around the mid 30 cm range and i continued to land fish consisitantly as the full tide approached.

At this point a fellow raider named dean came along to fish for the luderick and i gave him some tips and knowledge on catching the luderick and got him into three fish as the tide was dropping wih my weed as his was freshwater weed which they do not like in the harbour.

Dean soon learnt how the bite is different in the harbour compared to the little bit of luderick fishing he has done at sth west rocks.

It was a pleasure to fish with dean and impart some knowledge on keeping the dark art going and will organise a full day with dean shortly.

All up i got sixteen fish out and dean landed three in two hours.

Biggest going 38 cms with the average size being around the 34 cm mark we kept twelve fish with dean taking four home and me taking eight we released seven back to catch again.




Cheers trevor

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Guest hawkesbass

Monster catch! What do you do with all that fish? I wouldn't have thought it would be good to freeze...

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No fish went too waste and none were frozen from both trips i only take fish for family and friends on about every fourth trip all other times i take photos and release them.

I do not eat any seafood myself so i give the fish i keep away to others

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