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Tuna fishing off broken bay

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After the recent dolphin fish bonanza this summer, my mind has been fixated on blue water pelagics. So with tuna season approaching I thought id give it a go. Our boat is moored in the hawkesbury however and therefore i will not be able to launch from botany bay etc to reach places like the peak / browns. So i was wondering if it is worth trolling within a 25km radius of barrenjoey head? Is the water deep enough to hold tuna? Or should I not bother wasting the petrol?

Ps: the boat our boat is only 18ft long with about a 120L tank

Thanks in advance

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North is your best option if you can make it to Norah canyons, possibly with the help of a couple of plastic 25ltr Jerry cans. That's what I use for safety. That is the only place I'd consider in your circumstances. Plenty deep and good currents just give it another week or two and you will have a chance. It's still a long trip so plan ahead.


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