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Sydney to Botany Bay

sydney south

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Hello All,

In the coming weeks, I am planning on bringing a 30+ foot boat from the Harbour to Botany Bay.

I have been offshore many a time fishing in anything from 4.5m to 7m and have always run to the conditions. But have never done it for this period of time or in a larger boat.

Any advice will be appreciated.


Sydney South.

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If you are worried about travelling on your own ring the Rose Bay RMYC and ask them if they have any members going to the Port on your day. A lot of the RMYC members travel to the Port on weekends to spend the night there. Alternatively ring Botany Bay rescue, they sometimes go for a training run to the Port.

Otherwise in reasonable weather it's a doddle, no problems as long as you stay out far enough so that in the event that you break down you will not drift onto the rocks before help gets to you.

I assume that you have all the required offshore safety gear and a radio? If not, better get it.



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