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I got 99 problems and the weed is one


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Went out this evening to find some weed and have a flick... Couldn't catch anything as I was pressed for time but more disappointingly there was no weeeeeeeed to be found! Went to the muddy channel near rose bay golf club then went to the rocks at maroubra and then to la perouse and there was hardly anything anywhere there were a couple of pools with about 2-3cm of growth on the weed but it definitely needed to mature so was left to do so... Can anyone help a brother out? A couple of blokes were fishing off the headland just to the west of bare island and didn't catch anything.

Keen to catch some blackfish on Saturday but my best bet may be at the fish market :|


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Can anyone explain this: I was fishing off the rocks at Culburra in April (on holiday) and catching blackfish on the bottom with squid. Not big and all went back but they wouldn't stop biting. Had a local with me and he was surprised.

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