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Tuna Searching 19-6-2014

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Got out yesterday, just puny Striped Tuna for us J

About 10 hook-ups in total, 3 into the boat and dropped the rest, all really small.

This might help anyone heading out looking for tuna over the weekend.

Browns – 20.8
5 miles East of Browns - 19.5
10 miles East of Browns half way to Heatons – Goes from 19.5 to 20.8 pretty abruptly there is visible current line there. There is about 3-4 knot current running east to west.

We were getting small Stripped Tuna strikes either side of temp break that was half way to Heatons. The fish’s stomachs were full of really small squid about 1-2 inches long. Unfortunately we lost an engine at 2.30pm so we decided to make our way back in not stay out there. We got a few more stripy hookups on the way back in.

Turns out it was simple electrical fault and probably should have had a look at it out there. Oh well, shit happens!

Good luck to anyone heading out!

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Is that last pic with the j ray? . Seems to be a good patch of wAter out there ATM. The weekend should see good numbers of fish

yeah its got a j ray in the head

a couple of months ago we have figured out a way run a lure behind a camera permanently, the lure runs about 2 feet behind the camera. we record the hook up and the fight, that's how we got that shot

the camera helps us figure out what works and what doesn't, I can tell you this for sure fish are in no way scared of lures that are lit up with LEDs, it helps them spot the lure I am guessing

the only downfall to our new filming method is if hook something really big we lose the camera if we get busted off, We lost a camera on a marlin about 2 months ago, it would have been the most insane footage if we got it

we are hoping go some big YFT and BFT on the camera soon

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