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Sydney Jumbo YFT Thurs 19th


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Well what a day yesterday turned out to be... we had a targetted area from studying SST charts and didnt it produce...

We trolled for most of the day with only a stripey to show for it then late arvo we hit the mark and got a double hook up off both riggers at once.
With the spools emptying faster than we could hope to clear the lines the first fish cut across the long shotgun line and snipped the main line when it turned so we lost it and I cant believe it saying this but we were HAPPY we lost it
Second fish then put accelerator on more while we cleared deck.

Settled into fight and we thought we had lost it when it turned and swimmed at boat very quickly and made a large belly of loose line.

We had the fish on the surface after about an hour but 20m from boat and then it decided it was not done or it didnt like the look of Peter G driving and down it went again

We had the double and trace up on the rod 12 times and kept losing it.

Finally after 2 hours and darkness setting in we got it close enough for a gaff shot and PeterG hit the mark. I then dumping rod and trying to get a second gaff in the tail to get tail rope on resulted in a very pissed off fish and 2 broken gaffs and almost me too...then the tail rope was on finally....

no way we could get over the high sides of my boat so it went round to come in back walkway between the motors on my noosacat....then it woke up again and started smashing the back the boat up with now only the tail rope on and me and Peter G connected tug of war on the other end....

We a 123 we pulled it up the slip way smashing my boat, bending the steel ladder with it tail whacks and then on the deck beating me up and almost breaking my shin bone and it was cheers all round!!

Fish went 1.64 short fork length and 75kg

then the long run home from 70km out in darkness

Fish taken on a lumo skirt in 1000m in 20.6-20.8 degrees, study your SST charts boys it was not a random location

Special thanks to PeterG skilled driving you can see in the pic with 98 circles avoiding the constant attempts to go under our motors, would not have got it without you mate!

And special thanks to 35R buddy you know what for!

My jumbo tuna chiller bag didnt barely cut it either





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Great report and congratulations on a amazing fish.

Heading out tomorrow a bit apprehensive as its only about my 4th time chasing these beasts and I know we have a huge amount to learn

Maybe beginner's luck will be on our side

Boat name is Molly if any other raiders are on the water say Gaday

Hope we all get a fish

Best regards Dave

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Was on 24

Running 8 kg drag most of fight on hookup it was like I was in free spool

Only pushed it up to about 11kg near end if fight cause we just could not move it

But I was worried about pulling the hook if only lightly in

Was double 10/s in the big lumo tho so I was hoping both had a hold

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