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Sydney harbour Saturday 21/6


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Headed out yesterday to the harbour to have a quick go for some kings and then a bit of mucking around with whatever I could find. Decided to try for a salmon or king by trolling north head around to bluefish with a CDX.

I had a mate out at south head downrigging, he gives me a ring and we were talking about how nothing's happening then my reel starts screaming, drop the phone and grab the rod. After a short fight pulled in the first salmon of the season, after a quick pic he went back in to do whatever it is salmon do.

Had a quick downrig at bluefish but didn't have a touch. After feeling a little off from a few to many drinks the night before mixed with an early start and the chop at bluefish I decided to head back in and anchor up somewhere and lay in the sun.

Headed to a trusty little spot in middle harbour and ended up getting nothing but pickers. Was good to lay in the sun and I couldn't bring myself to pull up anchor and put the boat back on the Trailor haha.

Really quiet day but good to see the salmon are coming back maybe it's time to put the king gear away and bring out the bream sticks for some salmon and angry trevally

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The salmon are pretty fun on light gear but you just need someone who can work a net well otherwise they can be tricky to land. A bit like dollies on lighting gear, the salmkn won't reef you like a king so you play them out. Rats are the best in light gear, even though I've never landed one lol

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