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Best Spheros and Terez combo?


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I recently won a competition and the prize is a Shimano Spheros SW reel and a Shimano Black Terez Rod. They asked me what model of each I would like was thinking about the Spheros 20000SW and the Terez TZS78XHPW 2.3m 1piece 40-80PP. .? Any thoughts?

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Mate with that gear you would have a good go at a marlin, it will be no hassle for tuna and kings... Granted you will always get bricked occasionally on all gear by a monster king/tuna. Personally id make it a bit smaller reel like a 10000 or 14000 just for good fun on a metre plus sized king instead of just nose dragging it. Also when you are onto smaller specimens it will be more fun.

Each to their own though, others will disagree and say bigger is best but I like it that way.

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