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Spinning off the beach


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Gonna escape canberra's slew of sh&t weather and head down the coast for a couple of days and I'd like to try beach fishing for the first time :) Just going with friends and fishing isn't the focus of the trip, so travelling light - literally just a rod and a few slugs/maybe a few plastics.

I'm used to spinning for salmon off the rocks, so I'm fine for lure selection/tackle etc - and done the basic research on reading the beach, so I'm not a complete amateur..

Mostly I'm wondering if anyone has any bonus advice on reading the surf and actually finding the fish. I've read a few good articles, so I think I have a rough idea, but also wondering what the fish are doing this time of year?

South coast beaches by the way, most probably going to have a crack narawallee down past ulladulla/mollymook.

On a side note - Jews would pick up a big plastic bounced along the bottom too right?

All and any advice muchly appreciated, thanks :)

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I'm sure they'll be salmon off the beaches this time of year. Flathead will also attack soft plastics. I personally prefer bait fishing off the the beach... It's just less effort that 500 casts and retrieves, that's just me

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Fish the usual likely places, edges of sandbanks, channels and holes,

Look for places where the breaking waves meet unbroken water.

Keep moving down the beach until you find the fish.

Good luck

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Great effort if you pick up a Jew, you'd have much better shot with bait even if you collect it yourself eg worms, pippies etc. For salmon, metal lures I found are better but there's no doubt they take plastics I've caught them on the 5" gulp jerkshad as for flathead they will take almost any plastic. Basically don't rule out bait especially on the beach it's no trouble setting up a bait then leaving it while you do your own thing on the beach but if you dont plastics should get you some salmon and flatty, fast retrieve for salmon, keep it on the bottom for flathead and Jews.

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