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Home made scent


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I had a go at making my own scent to use on soft plastics when fishing for yellow belly.

This is the recipe I ended up with

500g big w fish oil

90 ml aniseed oil

500g glucose

500g minced garlic

200g liver paste

10g salt

Plain flour till thick

I am trying it out tomorrow. Would really appreciate some feedback and thoughts on how I could improve it.

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The problem I have found with home made scent/attractant is keeping it on the lure.After one or two casts its all washed off compared to S-Factor which has a grease like consistency.

But in my opinion I don't think it makes a difference in the catch rate. I think its all about marketing.

I would like to see some test results from the suppliers showing two people at the same time using the same rigs but the only difference is s-factor or magic spray,I would bet my left nut the catch rate is the same.

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