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Chippo Lakes - What a bi-catch


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Hey everyone,

Went to try a new spot today in the yak - Unloading another guy, Colin I think, was also unloading and we started talking. He fishes there regularly and when we got on the water he asked if I wanted to join him for a session and he would show me around.

I said sure, we started throwing soft plastics at one of the banks on bass island. I had given him one of my squidgy wild prawns to try. His first cast he gets a couple of hits but couldn't hook it. My first cast twitch, twitch pause. The go to twitch and get and get smashed, takes me back in the timber and drops the hook. Try again and got snagged.

we try for the next half hour and didn't get anymore more hits so we paddled out to the middle and tried the deeper water where a lot of fish were showing on the sounder. We tried everything from blades, hard bodies, and different SP's but nothing.

Then my new mate switches to a 3" minnow in green from powerbait. Throws it over the drop off, goes from 2m to 10m pretty quickly. Gives it a couple of twitches and I hear him call my name saying his on. I paddle over and he says he thinks he has a decent bream on. Almost gets to the surface and takes off again. After another short battle and the ever elusive grey ghost comes to the surface.

It went 70cm plus, a quick photo and a bit to his hand and it sweeps back off to the deep. Not bad on 4lb leader and on bream gear.

We tried for another 40 minutes and only landed one more decent bream near bass island with a green atomic chubby hard body.

It was a good day and great to meet new people.



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That's an awesome bycatch! As a fellow kayaker I've met quite a few blokes at the ramp or on the water who turn into fast friends. Love the yak angling/fishing community :)

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